How You Can Help

Whilst most horn infusions are paid for by rhino owners themselves, many provincial – and municipal parks that house rhinos do not have the funding to either adequately protect them or to pay for horn infusions. We have therefore established a not-for-profit component in our organisation (NPO number: 2006/027758/08) that provides infusions paid for through donations/sponsorships.

If you would like to help protect rhinos, making a donation towards an infusion or even financing a complete procedure would make a world of difference to parks and reserves in South Africa that lack the means to implement effective anti-poaching measures.

You can make a donation via PayPal using this link:

Or, alternatively, you can make a donation directly into our bank account:

Rhino Rescue
ABSA cheque account
Account number: 4082120056
Branch code: 632005
Swift code: ABSAZAJJ