Why did RRP not do any research of its own on the infusion process?

RRP did a tremendous amount of research prior to embarking on infusions, including an extensive review of existing literature (of which very little exists, sadly). As we had conceptualised the treatment to be an anti-poaching measure, this was the focus of our preliminary research. However, we are prohibited by law from dissecting rhino horns without a permit. Therefore, our research took the form of a compromise: whilst performing procedures on live animals (an exercise that would hopefully result in them being better protected from poachers) we also collected valuable data to improve our methodology, based on a series of measurements (like horn hardness, etc.) as well as recording what could be observed visually as the horns were being infused.

After a 3-year wait we have recently received a permit to analyse ONE static horn and are in the process of doing so.

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