We have received a large number of fantastic client testimonials since we rolled out horn infusions in 2012. As a security measure, we have opted to only present a small selection of excerpts here and, as some rhino owners have requested anonymity, their names and those of their properties have been withheld. Full names and testimonials can be made available on request.

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“Having had 2 poachings, we searched all avenues to try and save our rhinos… We approached Rhino Rescue Project to come through and do the rhino horn treatment… which was a huge success. We involved all our staff as well as the community. We have recently done more of our rhinos. Rhino Rescue Project were at all times 100% transparent about the experimental nature of the treatment and we as [name withheld] were happy to implement this regardless, due to the state of rhino poaching in South Africa currently.” 

Private rhino owner, who had their rhinos infused 2014, North-West Province

“I [name withheld], hereby confirm my ongoing support for the anti-poaching efforts of the Rhino Rescue Project. I am gravely concerned about recent efforts to publicly single out and attack this anti-poaching method.”

Private rhino owner, who had their rhinos infused in 2012, Free State

“Does the infusion actually spread through the horn? Yes it does and we have witnessed this… Our opinion {is} it definitely does spread through from what we have seen. Lorinda and her team have done a great job.”

Private rhino owner, who had their rhinos infused 2013 – 2019, North-West Province

“In 2014 we decided to take a proactive step towards the protection of our rhino against poaching.  After investigating various methods, we decided on the infusion method pioneered by the Rhino Rescue Project. We felt that dehorning would be detrimental to the social well being of our rhino, as well as being unappealing to the eco-tourists visiting the reserve and although in its early stages, we believe that the option offered by the Rhino Rescue Project was the best one available as for us, it ticked all the boxes… Drs Charles van Niekerk, and Lorinda Hern and their team were extremely professional and dedicated from beginning to end.  It is clear that they are deeply passionate about what they do and are constantly striving to improve and refine their methods through intensive research.  There have been no negative side effects witnessed in any of the rhino in the past year since the procedure was done.

It has been distressing to see the negative publicity surrounding this very worthwhile project and trust that it has not been too detrimental to its success which it truly deserves.”

Private rhino owner, who had their rhinos infused in 2014, KwaZulu Natal